Hisotry of Heroes Job A refreshed range of history and inspiration all in interactive workshops to enjoy Hisotry of Heroes Job A refreshed range of history and inspiration all in interactive workshops to enjoy Hisotry of Heroes Job A refreshed range of history and inspiration all in interactive workshops to enjoy Scroll Down

our historic heroes

We incorporate a number of engaging elements into our workshops to make them as memorable and enjoyable for the children as possible.


attention grabbing scripts and action that will entertain all ages.


Our team grants variety of historic lessons that is also partakes in the schools curriculum


"Heroes of history" educates schools about some of the greatest and most inspiring leaders we've had in our history.

Interactive role play

we strongly encourage and implement role play in our workshops. We believe this way of engaging students will help them learn with ease and interest.


Our team incorporate props into each specific historic show that is being provided so that the experience is unforgettable for the students!

History of heroes job

Including large interactive performances, open-ended workshops and intimate classroom-based sessions, our unique range of History Workshops and Shows for Primary Schools offers perspectives on the lives of people in the past – and asks important questions about ways that the past has affected the present. There are four exciting options we speak about
such as: Black History Month; Heroes include - Rosa Parks, MLK
- Romans - reenactment with the children
- Britishness: Heroes include the Queen of england
- WW2 - Heroes include Alan Turing

grabbed some of of "ascreatives" and what you had mentioned were some of the people you were going to talk about

Black History Month

History of Heroes provides content regarding the very important subject of black history month. Going beyond stories of racism and slavery to spotlight black achievement, we take this time to recognize stories that had been largely forgotten and neglected as part of the national narrative. We also focus on one of our most influential leaders Martin Luther King Jr.


After an introductory talk, the focus of the romans workshop is life in britain under the pax Romana. The children will explore the dramatic change in the lifestyle of even the lowliest of citizens after the arrival of the roman legions, touch artifact and feel the excitement of the games in the arenas just like in the times of 31 BC

heros of history


In this workshop we focus on all our prideful moments of our great Britain, and our inspiring leaders of the nation. We will cover topics such as the queen herself, Queen Elizabeth || and many more!”

World War 2

This workshop provides all information based around the true events of world war 2. Here we learn how soldiers fought, tactics and living style. We also get into a bit of the way living was for those who did not attend the war. There is so much content that the kids can learn here!


What Schools Say

We strive to make our visits entertaining and engaging as much as we do educational





Children Loved our Visits
Schools Would Recommend Us
Children Inspired


Our Enhanced DBS checked team ensure that the children's health, safety and wellbeing are always top priority


We bring our sessions to life by giving the children the right amount of knowledge with a generous dollop of enjoyment!


Our topics include curriculum based content and education. This will give history class a fresh perspective for the students.


Our goal for the techniques and advice to stay and benefit the children not just during our visit, but all throughout their futures
a new take on history workshops

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Students can now learn about a variety of important lessons based on true events that happened in the world, with the new and improved historic shows and sessions by Heroes of History

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    We will help you find mutually convenient dates to suit when you would like a visit


    Choose your preferred workshop and customise your schedule to ensure all the kids you would like to take part are included


    Sit back and relax. Our presenting team are trained to be self starters and will require very little direction to ensure a fun and enjoyable visit!

Sarah Mitchell

“I had a blast learning about such significant history in such a fun and kid friendly way, the kids seemed to love it. I definitely recommend. ”

Sarah Mitchell

Ryan poole

“I am so glad we got Heroes of History to join us at our school. What a way to incorporate such serious important topics into drama. Very knowledgeable”.

Ryan poole

Rachel Hopkins

“if there was a way I could teach my students history like this everyday I would do it. Ive never seen my students so concentrated and intrigued.”

Rachel Hopkins


Our Workshops

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Common Questions

Heroes of History runs workshop in both small and large primary schools, including those with special educational needs

Yes! All our workshops are adapted to suit the age and learning level of each age-group making sure all children get the most out of our visits

We visit all over the UK but please note that we accept bookings on a first-come first-served basis. Book your date now to avoid disappointment!

we actually have them act out or play the role of our heroes and this way it gets them talking, acting and learning all at the same time.

Our team recommends these workshops as they teach us about important leaders we had in our world, and how we can apply the lessons the leaders had taught us into our life today. To a growing kid we know this can make a difference.

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